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i'm an artist, curator & director
living and working in b

My intention is to create exhibition, performance and media formats that challenge the current system by envisioning and co-creating alternative social imaginaries.

We live in a time of profound societal transition and are experiencing crises of meaning on an individual as well collective level. In my work, I explore how we react to and contribute to the ongoing transformation processes - may it be in the context of one’s private life, politics, economics, spirituality, healing processes, ecological issues, urban and spatial design, education frameworks, social and cultural movements and many more. I believe that all these spheres are interlinked and must be holistically understood, so we can take transdisciplinary approaches to these matters.

It is the philosophical concept of Transmodernity that carried me on this journey. It has been central to my work and research since I came across it for the first time in 2012, when I was studying Media & Communication and Photography at Goldsmiths University of London. It finally offered an all-encompassing umbrella term to all the interwoven movements I had sensed to be meta-connected, and had longed to link.

In 2021 I founded the Transition Institute: a morphing Co-Laboratorium that seeks to educate and empower. Through a diverse range of research residencies and transdisciplinary projects it builds bridges between what is and what can be, taking a holistic approach to societal transitioning. Corona Culture and the Menstruation Project are its first experiential transmedia formats revealing the longterm vision for sociocultural transformation.



themes in my work:

> intersectional feminism 

> inner and outer transformation

> queer ecology 

> somatic exploration and healing

> post-activism

> economics for transition

> role playing and alter egos 

> contemporary rituals

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